Our Vision

The Vision

Margo Utomo was first started as MARGO UTOMO HOMESTAY where the owner introduced as one of the first the concept of ECO TOURISM/AGRO TOURISM providing basic accommodation within the plantation and the dairy farm. It was intended to have guests experience basic living in the a village environment, being in touch with the local people enjoying their natural hospitality. In addition, the guests could savour all the products grown in its own garden, plantation and farm. In short to experience a life style the guests were not accustomed to anymore. Both MARGO UTOMO RESORTS have come a long way since then but the original vision of the late Mr. H.R.M. Moestadjab, the founder of MARGO UTOMO, is followed until today by his daughter Endang Mariana who continues to keep the legacy of the brilliant vision of her father alive.